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Pipilotti Rist,
Pipilotti Rist, “Gravity, Be My Friend”, 2007

I’m Still Here

February 15–June 8
September 19–December 14

Curators: Richard Julin and Tessa Praun

Erik Aalto, John Bock, Christian Boltanski, Tom Friedman, Oscar Guermouche, David Hammons, Sofia Hultén, Aernout Mik, MoonspoonSaloon, Lars Nilsson, Pipilotti Rist, Lara Schnitger, Santiago Sierra, Laurie Simmons & Allan McCollum, Geraldine Swayne, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Andrea Zittel

The spring’s major exhibition, I’m Still Here, will feature artworks taken exclusively from the Magasin 3 collection. The selected works illuminate different aspects of what it means to be human. Mirroring the complexity of the human experience, the exhibition is a fragmentary compilation of traits, behavioral patterns and driving forces that radiate through the artworks encountered. Presenting sculpture, painting, photography and film works by twenty Swedish and international artists, the exhibition includes artworks being shown for the first time at Magasin 3. The exhibition will also see the return of a number of artworks specifically produced for Magasin 3, such as Pipilotti Rist’s monumental Gravity, be my friend, and major works by Christian Boltanski, John Bock and Sofia Hultén.
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Hill and Ödlund

The Drawing Room

February 15–June 8
September 19–December 14

Curator: David Neuman

Maya Attoun, Ann Böttcher, Mark Dion, Marcel van Eeden, Carl August Ehrensvärd, Kendell Geers, Jan Groth, Robert Guillot, Carl Hammoud, Carl Fredrik Hill, Bror Hjorth, Ernst Josephson, R.B. Kitaj, Alfred Leslie, Elias Martin, Bjarne Melgaard, Jockum Nordström, Tal R, Julie Roberts, Gil Shani, Johan Tobias Sergel, Amy Simon, Olle Skagerfors, Jacob Stangerup, Fredrik Söderberg, Keith Tyson, Alexandra Zuckerman, Christine Ödlund

Magasin 3 will present some seventy drawings from its unique collection. Works on paper are often uncensored and seldom reworked—capturing the spontaneous and direct expression of the artist. The exhibition will feature a wide range of work dating from the mid-1800s to drawings completed just a few weeks ago. Visitors will have the opportunity to sit down in the exhibition space and contemplate the visual reality, just like in old-fashioned “drawing rooms.”
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“Untitled” by Charles Long. Photographer: Jean Vong.


February 15 – June 8 2014

Annika von Hausswolff, Anish Kapoor, Charles Long, Pipilotti Rist, Per B Sundberg

Curator: Bronwyn Griffith

The works presented in Otherworldly effectively demonstrate that perception is not a passive process, but rather a creative one. Our life experiences inform how we read and interpret what we see, and by encountering the unexpected we are incited to see anew. Through scale, spatiality and process, the works included explore the act of aesthetic perception and experience.

Since fall 2011, Magasin 3 has dedicated two galleries to annual exhibitions featuring works from the permanent collection. These presentations provide the opportunity for recollections and reflections upon artists.
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February 15 – June 8 2014

Curator: Richard Julin

Siobhán Hapaska was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and lives and works in London. She creates multisensory works that continually extend the definition of sculpture. Magasin 3 first exhibited Siobhán’s work in 2000 and now owns one of the most extensive collections of her work in the world.
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