Magasin III:s public program is closed until Fall 2020.

Two works from the collection are presented as our poster campaign around Stockholm, starting May 4:
David Adika’s series Untitled (No Name, No Place), 2014. 

We had hoped to welcome visitors back in May after our three-year Intermission. Given the dire situation, unfortunately the re-opening is postponed. Instead of our planned poster campaign in the city of Stockholm we are currently presenting images of two photographic works by the Israeli artist David Adika. The works are part of the series Untitled (No Name, No Place) from 2014. In times of utter turmoil and when it is still unclear at what point we can open our doors to visitors again, we want to share the work of an artist in our collection that has yet not been exhibited at Magasin III. Adika’s own words about his work:

(…) My effort in relation to these objects is for the photographs to broadcast absolute seduction and sensuality, which is why I wander in places that intuitively, and in a very real way, captivate me. In this way I seek to expose, not hide, the connection between passion and vision. In this way, and by means of the “gaze,” “artificial” flowers, which function as a commodity, can be objects of meditation about what is not, and schematic advertising images can signify longing for another time and other possibilities of being.

For 30 years, Magasin III has produced, exhibited and collected work by contemporary artists. We closed our public program in the fall of 2017 to rethink how we can continue to do these things for the next 30 years, in a radically different world than when Magasin III was founded in the 1980s. We want to share the part of our work that moves art from the mind of the artist into the world. When our museum re-opens, we’ll be inviting people to get closer to the art by also experiencing work under production and the process of caring for the collection when it is not shown. In these times, it is our strong belief that the ability of art to challenge and inspire people and society is needed more than ever. We truly look forward to welcoming you back soon, a little later than we had hoped for.

— Tessa Praun, Museum Director & Chief Curator

Image: two works in the series Untitled (No Name, No Place), 2014, by David Adika.

Our public programs is closed until fall 2020 in order to shape the future Magasin III.
We look forward to seeing you again.


In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Magasin III Jaffa will be closed until further notice.

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