The public program at Magasin III is closed between fall 2017 – spring 2020, while we examine alternative ways for our institution to engage with our visitors and take the opportunity to revise and recast our role nationally and internationally.

After thirteen years as exhibition curator at Magasin III, on July 1, 2017 I took on the role of museum director. Former director David Neuman now serves as our chairman. The privilege of reformulating our purpose allows us the unique opportunity to pause, think new thoughts, and reframe our work.

We are working on a publication about Magasin III’s 30-year history as well as intensifying the work with our collection through preservation, documentation, and research. Looking back on the many art experiences we have shared with you during our first 30 years and immersing ourselves in our archive is an important part of looking to the future. What has changed since the start of Magasin III? What do we feel is missing in the art world today–both nationally and internationally?

Magasin III believes in the ability of art to challenge and inspire people and society. This is why an institution like ours also needs to take a step back and create space for innovative thinking. One part of our future Magasin III is the permanent satellite Magasin III Jaffa in Israel, as well as our engagement with Accelerator at Stockholm University.

Tessa Praun
Museum Director & Chief Curator

Photo: Tomas Falmer