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As a member of the III Art Club you will come closer to contemporary art and some of the most exciting artists of our time.

Starting in the fall of 2017, Magasin III will be closing its usual public operations for two years, enabling us to examine alternative ways for an institution to function in relation to its patrons.

During this time for reflection, we will continue inviting III Art Club members to events and communicating via newsletters even while our normal public operations are on hiatus. You will recieve invitations to previews, artist talks, lectures and studio visits. Free admission to the international art institutions will remain unchanged. Each month you will receive an e-newsletter with invitations to upcoming programs.

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“For anyone eager to learn about contemporary currents, III Art Club is a must.”

– Suzanne Osten, playwright and director

“I like the set-up. You make your way to Frihamnen, and are guided through the art as part of a small group. You discover more than you previously saw, have a glass of wine, and return home with a host of new thoughts. It feels important and luxurious.”

– Gunnel Wåhlstrand, artist

“The Sirous Namazi and Matts Leiderstam studio visits were extremely rewarding. They offered a personal and more in-depth account of two very interesting artists! A flawless III Art Club initiative!”

– Nina Blom Bussoli, Curator Learning, Moderna Museet

"For me, III Art Club has the perfect blend of personal studio visits, curator-led tours, artist talks, and enjoyable film screenings with food and wine. All in all, it gives a unique insight into creative and artistic processes that I don’t think you can get anywhere else."

– Peeter Ots, Innovation Designer and Artist

"The most fun part of being a member is the studio visits, which are truly invaluable. In addition to the conversations, you get to see where and perhaps in some sense also how the people we visit work. It provides a whole new understanding and a much more personal image of the artist and their art than what you get at an exhibition. And of course there have also been some really amazing openings and many enjoyable gatherings."

– Lena Torlegård, Communications Advisor at Springtime

"Having seen almost every exhibition at Magasin III since it opened, becoming a member felt like a natural next step for me. My first evening program with III Art Club was the unique dance performance Stage Complex, which appealed to Martin Schinwald’s site-specific installation. When we met with Christine Ödlund, who personally showed us around her multifaceted exhibition Aether & Einsten, I understood how much art affects me. The studio visits with Sirous Namazi and Matts Leiderstam were disarming and provided a meaningful experience."

– Staffan Davidson, former Head of Art Insurance at Trygg-Hansa

“I seldom visit an exhibition at Magasin III merely once – so it's practical for me to be a club member, considering the free entry. III Art Club also organizes special soirées and events from various perspectives, and offers some good mingling. Last fall, for example, I joined a guided evening tour at the Mediterranean Museum where, among other things, I had the opportunity to see and hear about other votive offerings besides the ones on loan to the Magasin III exhibition Like a Prayer. Things like that provide a perspective on art.”

– Emilie Magnusson, artist

“III Art Club is outstanding as it organizes interesting encounters with artists and curators. Two events that I especially enjoyed during the fall of 2015 were the visits to the studios of Sirous Namazi and Mats Leiderstam, which offered the opportunity to talk with the artists and learn how they work and how they view art. Another reason I appreciate III Art Club is the fact that the membership card offers free entry to Palais de Tokyo in Paris, a venue that always presents interesting and epic exhibitions.”

– Bengt G Mölleryd, analyst at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

“Visiting Matts Leiderstam's studio was a fantastic experience. We were treated to a personal and naked story of an artist in constant search of new angles from which to look at art history. The preview of Markus Schinwald's exhibition at Magasin III offered a behind-the-scenes look at the art museum. Unfinished carpentry work, paint cans in the corners, paintings waiting to be hung and the general chaos offered a more in-depth understanding of the work process behind the exhibition.”

– Henrik Örnlind, method supporter at the Department of Social Services, Stockholm Municipality

Upcoming events

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