Das Zimmer (The Room)

Audiovideonstallation. A sofa, an armchair, a lamp, a picture, remote controls (all larger than actual size), and a TV monitor that shows a number of video works. These works are listed below.

"Hau die Sonne in den Computer", 1989, 1 min.
Produced for the "MAX" DRS, 14.12.1989, edited by Barbara Bürer in response to her question: Are you a political artist?

"You Called Me Jacky", 1990, 4 min.
Video. Music: "Edna and Jacky" by Kevin Coyne

"Presleytochter", 1994, 2 min.
Video. Camera: Andrea Rist. With: Tamara Rist och Turabi Fidan

"(Entlastungen) Pipilottis Fehler", 1988, 11 min.
Video. Long version, music by Hans Feigenwinter. Les Reines Prochaines och Pipilotti Rist

"Blauer Leibesbrief", 1992-1998, 1 min.
Part of Audio Video installation with diagonal large projection. Music by Pipilotti Rist

"I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much", 1986, 5 min.
Video, music after the song «Happiness is a warm gun» by Lennon/McCartney.

"Saadet Türkös singt Swan auf Türkisch", 1996, 4 min.
Song by Anders Guggisberg and Pipilotti Rist. Recorded in connection with the installation «Shooting Divas», work in progress på Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève.

"Pickelporno", 1992, 12 min.
Video. Music by Peter Bröker, Les Reines Prochaines and Pipilotti Rist

"Ever Is Over All", 1997, 4 min.
Part of audio video installation, the left one from a double projection. Music by Anders Guggisberg and Pipilotti Rist.

"Greetings to Stockholm (Rainspot)", 1998, 1 min.

"To See How You See (a portrait of Cornelia Providoli)", 2004, 5 min.
Video. Music by Anders Guggisberg and Pipilotti Rist. Produced for the video antology of Blick productions NY.

"Als der Bruder Meiner Mutter geboren wurde, duftete es nach Birnenblüten vor dem braungebrannten Sims", 1992, 4 min.
Video. Music: Heinz Rohrer and Pipilotti Rist

"Sexy Sad I", 1987, 4 min.
Video. Music by Lori Hersberger and Pipilotti Rist afterthe song "Sexy Sadie" by Lennon/McCartney

"A Liberty Statue For Löndön" 2005, 9 min.
Audio Viodeo Installation. Part of audio video installation with two projections mounted to the ceiling. Music by Anders Guggisberg and Pipilotti Rist

Part of the video installation "Open My Glade" for Astrovision Screen on Times Square NY, together with the Public Art Fund, 2000, 7 x 1 min, without sound

- "Tribute To Your Inner"
- "No Screen Can Keep Us Apart"
- "Dinner Is Ready In 5 Minutes"
- "Be Nice To Me"
- "I Want To Be Guilty"
- "Help Me To Be Honest"
- "You're Not Perfect That's Perfect"
2000, 7 x 1 min.
Pipilotti Rist