Panel discussion: Charles Esche, David Neuman and Maria Lind. What is the New Role of Collections? ? Pt. 1

In the 20th century, museums moved away from their roles as bearers of classical culture and collectors of historical knowledge towards becoming active players in contemporary culture through fast projects, commissioned art works, residencies and other forms of support for artists. Can the design, presentation and development of collections become part of this leap towards the production of new works, or will collections be sidelined by the expressions of contemporary art? Have private collections and institutions taken over part of the traditional role of the public museum in Europe as well? If so, how will this affect the relationship between artists and their financial backers and intermediaries?

The discussion at Magasin 3 is part of IASPIS series of seminars Tendencies in time.

Recorded February 27, 2007 at Magasin 3, Stockholm

Language: English

Duration: Part 1, 51:34 Part 2, 54:38

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