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Thursday 2pm – 8pm
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About Magasin III Jaffa Books

Magasin III Jaffa’s unique bookstore focuses on regional artist books alongside publications regarding art and theory by selected local publishers. The bookstore, located across the street from Magasin III Jaffa, is an integral part of its activities.

The Vitrine
In Magasin III Jaffa Books’ storefront we present a series of condensed exhibitions created by artists from the area.

Ra’anan Harlap

Used construction wood, 2021

Ra’anan Harlap hangs a wooden soccer ball in the air. It cannot be played with, and it is suspended in a location where a ball could not remain. It is all the impossible possibilities; all the lost hopes. Haralp names the work Ba’asa, after the big pond that used to accumulate in past winters at the Bloomfield Stadium area, and caused the cancellation of the soccer games, to the chagrin of the players and fans. Today, the work is exhibited at 17 Olei Zion Street, on the soccer fans’ way to the renovated Bloomfield Stadium. Rain will no longer cancel the game but hopes still hang in the air.

The possibility of representing three-dimensional bodies in two dimensions has intrigued Harlap for many years. In previous works he presented aligned pits[1] and flat tables[2], created illusions using the perception of space. But this time he is doing the opposite: he is rebuilding the geometric body of soccer ball from the two-dimensional remains of building boards, his favorite material. 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons are used to revive the ball, which manages to fuse the flat wooden shapes into a lasting wonder and an inexhaustible object of passion.

[1] Pit, 2011

[2] Table, 2013

Ra’anan Harlap, Ba’asa, 2021. Photo: Noam Preisman

Ra’anan Harlap was born in Jerusalem in 1957. He lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduate of the Art Department at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Harlap is a sculptor and a painter. In his works he often uses basic raw materials like wood and iron, while dealing with questions of representation and perception of space.
Harlap’s work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, among others: Minshar Art School Gallery in Tel Aviv (2014), Bat Yam Museum of Art (2012), Petach Tikva Museum of Art (2012) and Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (2007). His awards include the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for 2012, Support for artist book from Mifal HaPais (2012) and Artist Teacher Scholarship by the Israeli Ministry of Education. His work is represented in public and private collections as Israel Knesset, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Ashdod Museum of Art.

Upcoming Events:

Opening of Magasin III Jaffa Books
January 20th, Thursday, 6pm-10pm

You are cordially invited to the opening of Magasin III Jaffa Books, Magasin III Jaffa’s unique bookstore.
*Performance by Shiri Tarko*

Meet the Artist- Ra’anan Harlap
January 21st, Friday, 11am

We will inaugurate our series of meetings, with artists and their artist books, with Ra’anan Harlap and his wonderful book Vertical.

Photo by Galia Gur Zeev

About Magasin III Jaffa
Magasin III Jaffa is an exhibition space, a permanent satellite established by Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art from Stockholm, Sweden. Magasin III Jaffa’s diverse program features both local and international contemporary artists. Since opening at 2018, Magasin III Jaffa has presented solo exhibitions by Haim Steinbach, Shiela Hicks, Cosima von Bonin, Tal R and Maya Attoun. The space is located on 34 Olei Zion, in a residential neighborhood rich with history and cultural diversity, that borders with Jaffa’s famous flea market. Magasin III Jaffa’s unique architecture enables passersby to view the exhibitions from the outside, day and night.

About Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art
The museum is one of Europe’s leading institutions for contemporary art. Magasin III believes in the ability of art to challenge and inspire people and society. Since 1987, Magasin III has presented world-class exhibitions and continues to fortify its collection, which holds works by leading artists. Recent highlight exhibitions in Stockholm include Tom Friedman, Katarina Grosse, Tony Oursler, Mika Rottenberg, Ai Weiwei, Andrea Zittel and Gunnel Wåhlstrand.

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