June 12, 2017


Magasin III is closed. Over the next two years, we will examine alternative ways for our institution to engage with our visitors and take the opportunity to revise and recast our role nationally and internationally:

The chairman of the museum’s board, Robert Weil, and I feel that we have the unique possibility to fully evaluate how we can best continue to support art and artists. What is interesting is finding a way to do something differently. We have the possibility to be more eccentric. – Museum Director David Neuman.

During this pause, Magasin III’s communication will continue via our newsletters and on social media, and if you want to follow us even more closely, we suggest that you join our III Art Club.

We are delighted and proud of the many art experiences we have shared with our visitors over the years. In fact, work has already begun on a publication about Magasin III’s 30-year history and we will continue to lend works from our collection to museums around the world.

Magasin III believes in the ability of art to challenge and inspire people and society. This is why we have always given exhibiting artists the opportunity to produce new works that impact, engage, and question. Our collaborations with artists in relation to these new works are compiled here on our webpage, for those of you who would like to take part in the processes that go on behind the scenes. When artists have the opportunity to experiment, they blaze new trails, which perhaps explains why it happens so often that a work produced at Magasin III marks a new phase in an artist’s career. These works comprise the core of our growing collection.

And now, we will be taking a break from our public programs in order to shape the future Magasin III. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

For press inquiries please contact:
Lisa Boström, Communications Manager
bostrom@magasin3.com / T + 46 8 545 680 58 C