Folder: Ai Weiwei

Produced by Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall
Graphic design: Sandra Praun, Designstudio S
Texts: ©2012 Magasin 3
Translations: Bettina Schultz, Astrid Trotzig
Photos: ©Ai Weiwei, Faurschou Foundation, Galerie Urs Meile, Magasin 3
Images may not be reproduced without permission
Printing: Vitt Grafiska, Stockholm 2012
Pages: 32
Language: Swedish and English edition
ISBN: 978-91-980144-0-2 (Swedish) 978-91-980144-1-9 (English)

A booklet distributed during the Ai Weiwei exhibition to provide visitors with a more complete introduction to the works in the exhibition and to provide insight into Ai Weiwei’s artistry. It also includes information about the program series organized in conjunction with the exhibition.
The booklet was given free of charge to visitors at Magasin 3 and at the related programs.

David Neuman, Museum Director Magasin 3, welcomes the visitor:

“Dear visitor,

This year marks 25 years since the founding of Magasin 3 – an achievement of which we are incredibly proud. We have introduced a long list of artists to the Scandinavian art scene and our thorough solo exhibitions have become something of a hallmark of the institution.

Magasin 3 keeps a short ‘wish list’ for future exhibitions and Ai Weiwei’s name has been on it. We have followed his artistic development closely, captivated by his strength, versatility, originality, and not least by his irrepressible courage. At last we are bringing his work to Sweden to give our visitors, many of whom have followed us faithfully, the opportunity to experience Ai Weiwei’s greatness. Much has happened in Ai Weiwei’s life during the past few years, most markedly his escalating conflict with the Chinese regime, which perceives his very existence as a threat to the nation. Under such difficult conditions it is not easy for anyone to stay focused and continue practicing one’s profession, and Ai Weiwei is no exception. In the past year he has spent much of his time just surviving, and attempting to counter the false allegations directed against him. This persistence has made him an international symbol for human rights. Because his creativity is totally without compromise, he attains new ideas and visual expres- sions that carry a universal importance and transcend all boundaries.

We are grateful for the whole-hearted support we received during the preparation of the exhibition from Ai Weiwei and a number of his most loyal co-workers at his studio FAKE Design in Beijing, as well as our friends at the Faurschou Foundation and Galerie Urs Meile.


David Neuman
Museum Director Magasin 3