From the start, Magasin III has published catalogs and exhibition folders in conjunction with most exhibitions. Exhibition catalogs have for the most part been produced in-house, but also in cooperation with various publishing houses. All our catalogs are available for sale at Magasin III. The more recently published books can also be ordered through

Exhibition folders in A6 format are distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from our website.

Alla publikationer

Folder: Gunnel WåhlstrandGunnel Wåhlstrand
Christine Ödlund "Aether & Einstein"
Folder: Tony Oursler "M*r>0r"
Folder: Christine Ödlund "Aether & Einstein"
Folder: Like A Prayer
Folder: Markus SchinwaldFolder: "wizz eyelashes"
Folder: I'm Still Here
Folder: Siobhán Hapaska, "Otherworldly"
Folder: "On The Tip of My Tongue"Folder: Mika Rottenberg
Folder: "Something Turned Into a Thing"Folder: Anton Henning
Violetta - An Art Book for Children
Folder: Ai Weiwei
FACE "Investigations of a Dog""THRICE UPON A TIME"
Tom Friedman "Up in the Air"
"Santiago Sierra. Banana company illuminated by diesel generator, Obstruction of a line of containers by a person and previous works.""iloveyouihateyou"
Christian Boltanski “Les archives”
Annika von Hausswolff “Ich bin die Ecke aller Räume”
Miroslav Tichy & Julia Margaret Cameron ”Long Moments”
Folder: To Be Continued...
Pipilotti Rist ”Congratulations!”Paul Chan
KimsoojaFabrice Gygi
"Here Comes the Sun"
Lara Schnitger "My Other Car is a Broom"
Matts Leiderstam "Grand Tour"
Mona Hatoum
Philip-Lorca diCorcia ”A Storybook Life”Katharina Grosse "Infinite Logic Conference"
LG Lundberg "Stängsel"
Janine Antoni ”Moor”
Ayse Erkmen "Tidvatten""Plingeling"
"Spiritus"Tony Oursler
Exhibition folder: "Extension – works from the collection", No. 2
Exhibition folder: "Moderna Museet c/o Magasin 3"
Lars Nilsson"Free Port"
”WEEGEE’s story – From the Berinson Collection”Pedro Cabrita Reis "The Silence Within"
Annika von Hausswolff, Jane & Louise Wilson, Weegee
Siobhan Hapaska, Charles Long, Ernesto Neto
Per KirkebyChris Burden
"Spatiotemporal – Works from the Collection 1988-1998"
Gilbert & George
Painting – the extended field
Bruce Nauman
Georg Baselitz + Carl Fredrik HillJames Turrell
Exhibition folder: Agnes MartinBarry X Ball
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
James Lee Byars
Alfred Leslie
Fred Sandback
Richard LongLeonard Forslund
A.R. Penck
Alfredo Jaar, Ronald Jones
Walter De MariaFive American Artists