About Your Visit

To visit Magasin III, you must book a spot on our guided tours. Together with your group you will meet a Magasin III staff member. You’ll see current exhibitions and get insight into our daily work at the museum. 

We want to give our visitors access to art in its various forms so on your visit you may see how we work with our collection, how we produce an exhibition, and of course the finished exhibitions. The visits will differ from day to day, depending on whether you are guided by our Chief Technician, Curator, Communications Manager or Museum Director—each gives his/her personal perspective based on his/her role at the museum. The content is constantly changing, and we hope that will also make you want to come back again and again.

The visits take place in small groups and last for about 75 minutes.
Admission: 120 SEK. 80 SEK for students and retirees. 50 SEK for those under 18 years of age.We recommend visitors be aged at least 12 years.
Read more about visits with children below.

Payment is made on site by card or Swish. We do not accept cash. For bookings of more than eight people, please contact us via email: visit@magasin3.com.

It is only possible to visit Magasin III by booking a spot on our guided tours. Set aside about 75 minutes for your visit and please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot. For security reasons, we ask that our visitors not leave the group during the visit. 

Please note that we no longer have a café. We are happy to recommend somewhere for you to eat and drink close to the museum. 

During your visit you will be guided by one or more of our staff:

Lisa Boström, Head of Communications
Hedvig Furuhagen, Communications
Ellen Klintenberg Gedda, Assistant Curator
Olga Krzeszowiec Malmsten, Curator
Thomas Nordin, Chief Technician
Tessa Praun, Museum Director & Chief Curator

As our concept is built around our staff guiding visitors, we appreciate it if you contact us in advance if you are unable to attend your scheduled tour. This also gives others the possibility to book a spot that would otherwise be empty. To cancel your spot, there is a link in your email confirmation.

Magasin III is located in one of the historic wearehouses in Stockholm’s Free Port, which is also called Magasin 3. To enter the museum you will take elevator 3 or 4 from the loading dock one floor up (to Floor 1).

By public transit, bus 76 & 1
The easiest way to get to Frihamnen is with bus 76 or 1.

Hop on bus 76 at Karlaplan, Strandvägen, Filmhuset other stops around the city.

Hop on bus 1 at Hötorget, Humlegården, Nybrogatan, Gärdet, and other stops around the city.

The bus stop closest to the museum is Frihamnens färjeterminal (bus 76). The next closest stop is Frihamnen (bus 1, 76) and from there it’s a short walk to the museum.

For more detailed information see sl.se and type “Frihamnsgatan 28” as your destination.

By car
The nearest car park is at Magasin 2, on the other side of Frihamnsgatan. From this parking it is a 2 minute walk to Magasin III. Disabled parking is located next to the loading dock’s wheelchair ramp, around the corner from the elevators. Taxis may drive all the way to the building, either to the loading dock (stairs up to the elevator) or to the ramp up to the loading dock.

In our lobby we have lockers and coat hangers. Feel free to store bags in our lockers during your visit. Our entrance is usually staffed, but Magasin III is not responsible for theft or lost property.

As our visitor model is aimed at an adult audience, the recommended age for visits to Magasin III is from 12 years of age and up. If you as a parent or guardian think that your child under 12 would appreciate their visit, you are warmly welcome. Please note, however, that the visit takes up to 90 minutes and that it is not possible to leave the group during the visit. During parts of the visit, we provide access to the museum’s storage room, where there is not yet installed art, so it is very important that each visitor follows our instructions. For safety reasons, strollers are not permitted in the exhibition halls; you are welcome to park them in our lobby.

At Magasin III we want everyone to feel welcome and intend to offer tours adapted for younger audiences in the near future.

The entrance to Magasin III is on the first floor; on the same floor there are exhibition spaces, bathrooms and lockers. Elevator 4 up to us is wheelchair accessible and we have no obstructive thresholds on the premises. One of the bathrooms is also wheelchair accessible. In order to visit our downstairs exhibition space, visitors are required to descend 30 stairs. If you have difficulty with stairs, we are happy to help you enter at street level. As this requires a walk outdoors and thus an additional staff member to accompany you, please inform us in advance of your visit by emailing visit@magasin3.com.

Folding museum chairs can be loaned in our lobby.

Disabled parking is located next to the loading dock’s wheelchair ramp, around the corner from the elevators. Taxis may drive all the way to the building, either to the loading dock (stairs up to the elevator) or to the ramp up to the loading dock.

Accompanying people and personal assistants have free admission to Magasin III, but please book an extra spot on the tour.

With the exception of guide- and hearing dogs, we do not allow animals in the museum. If you are bringing a guide- or hearing dog, please let us know in advance by emailing visit@magasin3.com.

At Magasin III, our ambition is to be accessible to everyone. If you have any disability that requires our assistance during your visit or have questions prior to the visit, please feel free to email us at visit@magasin3.com, and we will do our best to meet your needs and answer your questions.

To book a group of nine or more visitors, please email us at visit@magasin3.com and we will arrange a separate tour for your party. We guide a maximum of 20 visitors.

We are happy to accept school classes from 12 years of age and up for booked visits. Please email us at visit@magasin3.com, to book a school visit. Unfortunately it is not permitted to eat bagged lunch at Magasin III.